Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Oh dear, oh dear!

I've been so busy having fun and playing in my new home that I forgot to update my blog. If I'm going to have a blog...and I love having a blog...I'm going to have to do much better.

I am going to update this blog just as soon as I'm done playing in the snow and making cookies and eating brownies and making Christmas decorations and snuggling and reading books and.... oh dear!

Well, at least I have my Christmas card finished so from me to all of you: Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Week not for the Weak

It was a busy week here at the Bear Commune. Every day there was something new and fun for me to do. One evening Miss Tracy let me go with her to the library. This book looks interesting. Miss Tracy says men rarely do anything while they are alive so she doesn't know anyone would expect more of them once they were dead. I didn't understand so I wisely said nothing.

The next day I got to go to the store where I was amazed to discover all the Halloween stuff had been moved out to make room for Christmas stuff! What happened to the rest of the year? What about November? Anyway, there were cool things to look at like this pretty moose who let me have a ride

And some prickly hedgehogs....

and a really rad sled. I hope Santa brings me one of these!!!!

A couple of days later it was time for Trick or Treating! I went as an American tourist in Hawaii. Hmmmm....isn't Hawaii part of America? Anyway, it was fun!

One for me, two for me, three for me....

And now I'm eating candy, reading a library book, dreaming of Christmas and sleeping. Goodnight.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Now that's a monkey!

I went with Miss Tracy to the grocery store last night. I was just telling her how excited I was to spend my first Halloween here when bam! Excuse me! Pardon me! Coming through! Right up here! May I? Thank you!

And then there was a big....and I mean big...sock monkey sitting in our cart. And he came home with us too! But first he told us exactly which bags of Halloween candy we should get and talked us into buying a chocolate cake as well. (I didn't really need convincing; it was Miss Tracy who was hesitant.)

Pep--short for Peppermint Twist works for The Big Guy--Santa. I thought Santa made all the toys and gifts at his workshop at the North Pole but Pep tells me they outsource. Too many people, too many requests. I had noticed some of my gifts said "made in China." I guess Santa still hand makes some special gifts but a lot come from special consignment.

Pep works as a gift broker. He spends his days on the computer looking for the best deals on the hottest gift ideas. He says it's an important if little known part of Santa's operations. Apparently, there are thousands of these sock monkeys, working all over the world, just like Pep.

Anyway, he's moved in so I guess it's not just bears here at the commune. I think we'll all have fun together though. Okay, I'm off to check out the book shelf for a new mystery.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I know this is my second post today but I won't get to post tomorrow cause I am going out all day on "errands." I'm not sure exactly what this means but I did hear the words "dentist" and "lunch duty." Should be interesting.

But the exciting news is: I got to go outside with my friends Alex and Stockton to play in the leaves. And there are lots of leaves too! It seems like they all came down last night. We jumped in big piles of them. We ran through them. And then we sat on the pumpkin to rest.

My sister Mabel says pumpkins like to hang out with each other. I think leaves do too. I think they like to dance in the wind too. I'm not sure what their favourite colour is but I do know they are hard to get out of fur.

It's kind of chilly here. Miss Tracy said she would make me a scarf. She says it might even snow next weekend although the snow will melt again soon. Wow! It's a good thing that there are so many fun things to do inside cause the other bears tell me it snows a lot here and it's going to get colder soon.

Oh---time for hot chocolate and cookies. Talk to you later!

All Ears

This morning I accompanied one of the little girls G to the doctor. I know. Eating Mexican food like my sister Mabel has been doing in Albuquerque sounds a lot more fun. But the secret to a good life is dancing in the rain so I made the best of it.

First, we sat and waited. There were some interesting pictures on the walls--I think they were of human ears. Bear ears are much more sturdy and less likely to breakdown. We Teddy Bears are special that way.

Then, I sat in the "special" chair. There sure were a lot of instruments and buttons--and not the fun buttons like are on my legs either. You can see that G's bear Bear came with us. Bear says her job is to distract the doctor so that G can run away. I asked if it worked. Bear said it didn't but she kept trying.

Then, G went in to get her ears cleaned while I played with the fax machine. Hey, my ears didn't need to be cleaned. And I'm not scared either.

Afterwards, it was time for a treat! This doctor doesn't give silly stickers. No, it's full fledged sugar. Wahoo! I only helped myself to one two.

And now I'm back home for a full afternoon of cuddling, naps and reading. We might even get to go outside to play in the leaves if it doesn't rain!!!! Not too bad for day two at the Commune.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Hi Everyone!!!

Boy have I had an adventure! I used to live in Ohio at The Craggy Moor with some great people. Last week I learned that I, Barnaby Bearhardt, had been selected for a position at the world famous Beary Heart Bear Commune! Can you imagine!!!!

I just arrived today. Wow! There are some really great bears here: Inspector Baffle of the Softie Division of Interface, Inspector Alex Bear of Scotbear Yard, Stockton--world famous hot chocolator, Josie--who owns a yarn shop, Mott--a hospital administrator at Mott's Children's Hospital...and....and....I'm sure I'm missing a few more. It's great! This is a terrific place.

As soon as I got here I asked about seeing my sister's blog. Mabel just moved to the New Mexico. That got us all thinking about having Mexican food for dinner. And then we got thinking about how we could have a blog. So here is the first page of our blog. We'll all try to share stories and adventures.

Ooops! Dinner is ready. Got to scoot. See you all soon!