Tuesday, October 27, 2009

All Ears

This morning I accompanied one of the little girls G to the doctor. I know. Eating Mexican food like my sister Mabel has been doing in Albuquerque sounds a lot more fun. But the secret to a good life is dancing in the rain so I made the best of it.

First, we sat and waited. There were some interesting pictures on the walls--I think they were of human ears. Bear ears are much more sturdy and less likely to breakdown. We Teddy Bears are special that way.

Then, I sat in the "special" chair. There sure were a lot of instruments and buttons--and not the fun buttons like are on my legs either. You can see that G's bear Bear came with us. Bear says her job is to distract the doctor so that G can run away. I asked if it worked. Bear said it didn't but she kept trying.

Then, G went in to get her ears cleaned while I played with the fax machine. Hey, my ears didn't need to be cleaned. And I'm not scared either.

Afterwards, it was time for a treat! This doctor doesn't give silly stickers. No, it's full fledged sugar. Wahoo! I only helped myself to one two.

And now I'm back home for a full afternoon of cuddling, naps and reading. We might even get to go outside to play in the leaves if it doesn't rain!!!! Not too bad for day two at the Commune.

1 comment:

  1. Hey, Barnaby,
    That looks like a space chair!
    I hope the two of you helped G make it through her appointment with a sense of fun and comfort.
    Mabel in NM