Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Week not for the Weak

It was a busy week here at the Bear Commune. Every day there was something new and fun for me to do. One evening Miss Tracy let me go with her to the library. This book looks interesting. Miss Tracy says men rarely do anything while they are alive so she doesn't know anyone would expect more of them once they were dead. I didn't understand so I wisely said nothing.

The next day I got to go to the store where I was amazed to discover all the Halloween stuff had been moved out to make room for Christmas stuff! What happened to the rest of the year? What about November? Anyway, there were cool things to look at like this pretty moose who let me have a ride

And some prickly hedgehogs....

and a really rad sled. I hope Santa brings me one of these!!!!

A couple of days later it was time for Trick or Treating! I went as an American tourist in Hawaii. Hmmmm....isn't Hawaii part of America? Anyway, it was fun!

One for me, two for me, three for me....

And now I'm eating candy, reading a library book, dreaming of Christmas and sleeping. Goodnight.