Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Oh dear, oh dear!

I've been so busy having fun and playing in my new home that I forgot to update my blog. If I'm going to have a blog...and I love having a blog...I'm going to have to do much better.

I am going to update this blog just as soon as I'm done playing in the snow and making cookies and eating brownies and making Christmas decorations and snuggling and reading books and.... oh dear!

Well, at least I have my Christmas card finished so from me to all of you: Merry Christmas!


  1. I think your Christmas card makes up for it though! It's very pretty!

  2. Love your card too!Your sweater is just perfect on you! You're one busy bear indeed. We can't wait to hear how you've been these days. A bear was born here this week that could have been your little brother he reminded me so much of you. Well, he was green and cable knit but his expression was just so similar.

    Well, lots of bear hugs to ya Barnaby from your fam. here on the Moor! I hear all the little bears waking up so it must be time to get going :0)