Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I know this is my second post today but I won't get to post tomorrow cause I am going out all day on "errands." I'm not sure exactly what this means but I did hear the words "dentist" and "lunch duty." Should be interesting.

But the exciting news is: I got to go outside with my friends Alex and Stockton to play in the leaves. And there are lots of leaves too! It seems like they all came down last night. We jumped in big piles of them. We ran through them. And then we sat on the pumpkin to rest.

My sister Mabel says pumpkins like to hang out with each other. I think leaves do too. I think they like to dance in the wind too. I'm not sure what their favourite colour is but I do know they are hard to get out of fur.

It's kind of chilly here. Miss Tracy said she would make me a scarf. She says it might even snow next weekend although the snow will melt again soon. Wow! It's a good thing that there are so many fun things to do inside cause the other bears tell me it snows a lot here and it's going to get colder soon.

Oh---time for hot chocolate and cookies. Talk to you later!

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  1. oh Barnaby! I'm trying to be quiet and just read but these pics are just sooooo cute! I love seeing you with your new friends having so much fun. I'd love to hear more about their stories (drop me a note! :0)
    Be good on errands today :0)

    (((Bear hugs)))