Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Medically Speaking

Remember how I said I was so busy in the fall? Here's an account of just one of my adventures:

In November I accompanied one of the little munchkins who lives here to the hospital. I've always enjoyed watching the odd medical t.v. drama..i.e. Adventures of Dr Strangebear, Dr Don't Killbear, and Colonel Hospital. Once I learned she was having a simple procedure (that's medical talk for no blood) to put tubes in her ears I figured it would be a grand adventure. Off we went to the hospital one cold, fall morning.

Trying on "the mask" which didn't make me the least bit sleepy.
I thought this might be a "honey drip" but nothing came out of it. What is oxygen anyway?
I'm so big!
Code blue? Hey, they use codes here. Like spies!
Finally, time to leave and off we went to one of my favourite places: Biggby! I got the Teddy Bear Steamer--hot milk with white chocolate and caramel. And I had a muffin. And a cookie...well, I hadn't eaten all morning.
And then it was back home for yet another adventure. (The Little Munchkin was 100% a-okay and now she can hear better too.)


  1. I am glad that your munchkin is all right. Tubes in ears sounded pretty strange, but then Mom explained it to me so I understand now!

  2. Hi Barnaby! It's so good to see you around again!We missed hearing from you. What a good bear you were to lend a paw, some company and a few hugs at the hospital. So glad your little munchkin is feeling better now too. Heeeey we don't have such a thing as a Bigby here...looks like a fun place to get some coffee. See you around the 'nets!